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About Shannon

Shannon Lepere is a talented photographer based on the Canadian north shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario. From a young age, Shannon had a fascination with colour and perspective. She started capturing these concepts on film in high school and has continued to develop her art form after graduating from Fanshawe College in 2004. Since then, her experiences have easily made her a seasoned veteran in the photography world; shooting weddings every weekend during the summer while exploring cultural niches across North America in the winter. No matter the setting, her unique style of vibrant candid photography sets her work apart from her peers. This work has taken her around the globe, allowing her to document different walks of life from grungy New York subways to Caribbean beach paradises.

Beyond weddings, portraits and travel photography, Shannon has worked with many Canadian design firms on advertisements for print, web and billboard media. By developing personable relationships with all her clients, she ensures that her involvement in a project has her signature touch. Shannon's career in the photo world is quite varied, from shooting personal pin-ups to directing stop-animation music videos. She continuously thinks outside of the box, making her a household name in Thunder Bay, and a true creative force at a national level. The future holds great promise for Shannon who stands out like cream soda in today's diet coke world.